Thanks for stopping by! 

We are coming to you live from Riverside Drive in NYC.  We describe ourselves as Tom Petty meets Linda Ronstadt.  Ameri-Mexicana music.

Take a look around and contact us!  If you need a special song for your movie, commercial, or special event - hit us up.  We’ve written songs for “Closer To Bottom” an Indie Film, “Grand Master” a documentary, for the Animal Trustees of Austin, Austin History Center and for many other events and individuals.

We can come sing at your wedding ceremony, at a home concert, or venue.  We love to travel!!

This is a video we shot of the song “(You only call me when you’re) Drunk.”  Shot with a canon elf and edited on imovie.  Fun times!!

“Closer To Bottom”  written for the indie film of the same title.

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