Currently residing in NYC, Myrna and the Bulldog describe themselves as Tom Petty meets Linda Rondstadt.  Myrna’s sultry, bluesy vocals coupled with Daniel’s well-hewn, plaintive delivery with a side of twang make for a performance that is as eclectic as it is familiar.  Tutored in the blues, fueled by torch songs, laced with the occasional rock and roll riff, with nods to Mexican soul, Myrna and The Bulldog’s inventive performances delight audiences by conjuring all the ghosts of their musical influences, past and present.

The award winning singing songwriting team developed their musical chops worlds apart, separated by only a few hundred miles of highway. 

Cabello’s bicultural roots had one foot squarely in Austin, Texas with the

other in Mexico.  Growing up in Austin, she revered singers from

Linda Ronstadt to Aretha Franklin.  En el otro lado, she swooned over

throaty divas like Daniela Romo and Soraya.

Meanwhile, in the North Texas flatlands, Daniel was coming of age in a

plainspoken, church-going, whisky-and-gunpowder backdrop while

pledging allegiance to rhythm and blues, and teaching himself rock and

roll guitar licks playing along with music of The Beatles and

The Rolling Stones.

After pursuing lives and careers outside of Texas, they found each other

back in Austin in 2004. One of their earliest collaborations had the pair

arguing all night over ‘Hold Me Close (Forever),’ a melancholy love song

penned by the couple. Perhaps it’s Daniel’s tender lyrics, or maybe it’s

Myrna’s fearless determination to expose the heart of a song, because

ever since that night the couple has rarely been apart. They married in


At the root of their collaborations are the words and music—songs that

speak to universal truths about life and love with bold musical approaches,

often infused with clever dashes of humor, as in “Modern Mexican and

Little Elvis,” a whimsical love song that describes their union, embellished

with delicate accordion, thanks to Michael Guerra (from Raúl Malo and

the Mavericks fame.)

In 2010, Myrna and The Bulldog embarked on a “songwriting journey,”

checking out music scenes in Los Angeles, New York, Nashville, and of

course, Austin, to refine their musical union. What they discovered is that

while individually distinctive, they mesh sublimely.

  1. Bullet Austin History Center honored her as

     one of 100 Influential Latinas from the

     1800's to the present

  1. Bullet  2012 & 2011 ASCAP Plus Awards  Recipient

  1. Bullet  She was inducted into the Texas Music

     Museum as an influential Latina artist.

  1. Bullet  Austin City Council honored her with

     "Myrna Cabello Day"

  1. Bullet The Austin American-Statesman

    described her as "One of the best Austin


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